The Promoters dilemma

“I feel like a lot of these agencies have gotten more corporate in their approach,” says Host. They’re less likely to “cut smaller or medium-sized promoters a break. And if they succeed in getting their artist booked by these big clubs or festivals, then there’s really no incentive, from a money perspective, to even deal with mid-sized promoters, right?” 

In Manchester, Alexander Taber points to “the professionalisation of the scene and the use of agents” as one of meandyou’s major challenges. “Agents obviously play a vital role for the organisation and development of an artist’s career. However, for smaller promoters, the involvement of agents is making booking international artists increasingly difficult. High artist fees, agency fees, hotel rooms, venue hire, security hire etc.—it’s a lot to deal with when you’re promoting parties that only have the capacity of 150 people. There needs to be a better understanding from agents about the financial implication and cultural importance of running small scale events, otherwise it’s just not sustainable.” 

Full article in link below from resident advisor